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We Have A New Reptile Supplier!

We have a new reptile supplier!

We know our reptile section wasn't the best, but it's slowly starting to improve and will grow more and more in the next few weeks and months. If there's anything specific you want us to try and get a hold of (ornaments, dishes, different wattages of bulb or heat mat, supplements, vivariums, terrariums, or fountains) - let us know!

New in stock we have:

Habistat Cork Branches Habistat XL Forrest Hide Zoo Med Habba Hut Arcadia Forest 5% UV 60cm/18w (we can order in different lengths and wattages of these) Arcadia D3+ 12% UVB 60CM/18w (same as above, we can order in lots of different varieties of these) Habistat Steel Feeding Tongs Plastic Feeding Tongs Vetark Nutrobol Vetark Calci-dust Habistat H20 Bug Balls

(and as soon as they're back in stock - Arcadia D3 Mercury Vapour Bulbs)

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