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We've got even more natural treats back in stock!

😻 🤩We have all our Antlers (whole, split, and fallow), Buffalo Horns, and Yak Snacks back - including one absolute UNIT of an Antler! 🤩😻

🍖 We also have our hugely popular Gourmet Sausages, and Empty Hoofs back (we know that's not the right grammer, but 'hoofs' is infinitely more fun to say than 'hooves'). 🍖

🍗 And introducing our new Chicken Necks, XL Beef Leg Bones, Cera Chews, and Smoked Bull Ears. 🍗

🦴Chicken Necks are perfect for smaller dogs, the XL Beef Leg Bones are great for large dogs, and the Cera Chews and Bull Ears are great for everyone! 🦴

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