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Our Story

We are Heather, Pat, and Myles.

Heather and Pat married in 2017 and moved up to the Lakes to make their new home in 2018. After settling in and becoming recognisable faces in their community they decided to follow Heather's passion for animals by looking for ways to run their own animal related business.


They explored a number of options and thanks to the impetus of Heather's former colleague and friend - Myles - we all decided to open a pet shop.....but not just any pet shop!

Mabel's Place is just a little bit different. Yes, we have all of the things you'd expect from a pet shop. However, we also believe strongly in the welfare of our pets, and yours.

So we'll never sell a cage or hutch that's too small, just to make money and we'll never sell treats or food that are bad for them just because it's profitable. In fact were so serious about quality food, that we have our own brand of rabbit food called Meathop Fell Forage

We also offer lifelong advice, care and attention whenever the owner wants it. With care advice constantly changing, it can be impossible to keep up. That's where we can help. We'll always offer advice and information that you may not have heard before, and we're constantly researching different animal's needs.

We also offer delivery and a range of services in your own home - from cleaning to bonding to boarding. Just ask us and we'll either help you ourselves, or point you in the right direction if we can't.




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