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YuDIGEST PLUS for Dogs is a premium quality digestive supplement which provides fast support for troubled tummies, and helps manage ongoing upsets. This veterinary strength complex of gut-supporting natural ingredients includes our unique


YuDIGEST Plus provides a fast acting veterinary strength complex of gut-supporting natural ingredients, including a unique high strength BioActiv™ probiotic and prebiotic formula. Gentle, natural and effective, it provides fast digestive support for dogs and cats to bind bacteria and toxins, top-up good bacteria and help to maintain a natural balance. It is easy to give in a sprinkle powder forumla that you feed daily with food.
3 prebiotics and 1 billion probiotic bacteria

Our unique blend of 3 different scientifically proven prebiotics and 1 billion probiotic bacteria per sachet support ‘good’ bacteria, and block ‘bad’ bacteria to ensure a healthy digestive balance.


A special kind of clay that binds toxins so they safely pass through your dog’s digestive system. It has been shown to be up to 20 times more effective than other commonly used clays such as Kaolin.


An essential amino acid that helps the cells in the intestine to produce the protective gut lining that’s often lost.


Linseed meal
Provides a natural source of fibre rich in lignans and antioxidants to support healthy digestion.

YuDigest Plus - 6 Sachets

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