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Pachnoda Grubs are the soft-bodied larvae stage of the fruit beetle Pachnoda marginata, also known as Sun Beetles. Approximately 25-35mm long, Pachnoda Grub are available in a Pack of 10.

With soft bodies, like Waxworms, Pachnoda Grubs make ideal treats for feeding to carnivorous and insectivorous reptiles and insect eating birds. 

Care Instructions: 
As with all live food it is essential they are kept healthy. Packed in peat, leave the Pachnoda Grub in their container and ensure they are kept at room temperature. There is no need to dust or gut load these insects before feeding to your pet. 

- Soft-bodied larvae stage of the fruit beetle Pachnoda marginata

- 25-35mm long

- Pack of 10

Pachnoda Grub (25-35mm)

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