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Meathop Bunny Buffet


Designed by one of our wonderful customers who's bunnies will apparently eat just about anything, this blend was created to contain a little bit of everything.


So that's what we've done! We have crammed in as many different forages as we can, to bring you this fantastic buffet for the rabbit who just wants to eat everything! (There will also definitely be something in here for those fussy bunnies too)


Now for legal reasons we have picked 20 specific different ingredients! (That way our labels can be accurate)


Contains: .....oh, are you ready for this list...Dill, Parsley, Celery Stalks, Coriander, Raspberry Leaves, Meadowsweet, Blackcurrant Leaves, Apple Sticks, Strawberry Leaves, Mulberry Leaves, Hibiscus Flowers, Hazel Leaves, Dandelion, Hawthorn, Marigold Flowers, Ribwort Plantain, Apple Leaves, Blue Mallow, Nettle Leaves and Rose Flowers.......Phew


(If we are ever out of stock of one of the ingredients listed above, we may increase the amounts of the other ingredients)

Forage blend suitable for Rabbits and Guinea Pigs.

*Not suitable for pregnant or lactating animals or animals on medication*


Meathop Bunny Buffet

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