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Just 100% Echinacea

Echinacea is a fantastically versatile plant with a number of different medicinal uses. It has antibacterial AND antiviral properties. It's also nutritious and very high in protein and fiber.


Now here is where Meathop Fell Forage is a little different to most other companies because we're going to say ....


Don't Buy Echinacea....


Unless you are SURE it is what you're looking for.


Because of its medicinal properties, this is not just another Forage. Certainly, if your animal is on any medication please discuss the benefits of echinacea with your vet before ordering any.


A number of other forage websites don't give you any warning on this issue and we think it's important that Echinacea be used medicinally and with a vets recommendation. This is why we are only stocking it in 100g bags and in a different style of bag too.


If you have talked to your vet and Echinachea is something you'd like to order regularly to treat a particular ailment, we can do larger sized bags on request. Just send us a message or a give us a ring and we'll help as best we can. 😊

Just Echinacea

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