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As you may know, wehave partnered with Hay & Straw to bring you our Enriched Hay.
We are now selling that hay on its own

We can supply Ings Hay from traditionally managed water meadows where no chemical fertiliser or sprays are used.We are selling this hay in 1kg bags and 5kg boxes.

If you want a wider range of hay or hay in larger quantities, we heartily recommend you check out hay and straw from Ingleton. It's where we get this hay from and, knowing the owners personally, we know how much time, effort and professionalism they put in.
Click the link below to find out more.
Also don't be fooled by the price difference. They include free shipping where as we add shipping on at the end. We are very deliberately selling this hay roughly the same price they are.

Ings Watermeadow Hay

Sales Tax Included

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