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Natural Dog Treats! Yak Chews, Insect Bites, Deer Legs, Duck Feet, Turkey Necks, Canice, Antos, Nova

Good afternoon!

We have MORE exciting new dog treats in!

🐶Yak Snacks - A long lasting Grain Free treat that you can pop in the microwave when it's down to the last morsel that puffs up like a popcorn!

🐶Canice 100% Duck Treats - A natural Grain and Gluten Free with no added salt or sugar. Just 100% Clearwater Duck!

🐶Duck Feet - These webbed crunchy delights are a great natural source of Glucosamine and Chondroitin!

🐶Insecta Cricket with Sweet Potato Nibbles - These are an Eco Friendly Insect Based treat made with real Cricket Protein!

🐶Turkey Necks - These High Protein treats are a good source of Glucosamine and Chondroitin that your furry friend can't help but gobble up (much like I couldn't resist that terrible joke)

🐶Roe Deer Legs - These long lasting treats satisfy a dog's urge to chew and are naturally hypoallergenic.

🐶Smoked Chicken Sausages - These highly palatable treats are a huge hit with meat lovers.

🐶Golden Paste & Chicken Sausages - These delicious (but stinky) delights are made with Turmeric, which can help with Joint Support, and is a natural Anti Inflammatory.

And of course, we have got some Meaty Advent Calendars for Dogs, and some Catnip Advent Calendars for Cats! 🐱

We do still have a few of the JR Advent Calendars left in stock too!

Come down and check our new ranges out!

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