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Bonfire Night

It's that time of the year again. Bonfire Night is creeping up on us again and as pretty as they are - some of our furry friends don't like fireworks.

In store we have:

Pet Remedy -

Plug Diffusers Plug Refills

Calming Sprays Calming Wipes

Pet Remedy is a natural de-stress and calming product suitable for all animals and uses essential oils to calm the nerves via the brain's natural neurotransmitters. Feliway - Friends Refills

Feliway and Adaptil are pheromone based plug-in diffusers that try and recreate the calming pheromones released by new mother cats and dogs. More Feliway and Adaptil products can be ordered in on request - just let us know what you require. Beaphar - Calming Tablets Cat Calming Collar Dog Calming Collar

Beaphar collars and calming tablets contain natural ingredients like valerian and lavender that are proven to reduce stress and anxiety. The tablets are designed to be calming but non-drowsy, and the collars are long lasting solution for prolonged periods of stress.

As well as stocking a range of calming products here are some easy tips to help take some of the stress out of Guy Fawkes.

Build a den - Some dogs like somewhere small and dark to hide when they hear fireworks. You can put blankets or covers over a crate or small table so your little friend has their own safe haven. Set this up in advance if possible behind other furniture, under the stairs or anywhere else your dog favours when afraid. It's important not to try and force them out of their hiding place - it's important for them to have their own safe area to escape to.

Close any windows, curtains, or doors - This will help to hide any sudden flashes of light and will provide a small amount of soundproofing. Putting on the radio or TV will help mask the sounds of fireworks, and talking calmly to your pets also helps.

Create distractions - Using a puzzle feeder, playing, and talking calmly to your pets can also help to calm them down. It may also be a good idea to try and tire them out during the day before any fireworks are due to start.

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