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64 Days to Go

We know it's still September, but we can't help but be a little bit excited about what turned up on Friday!

So without further ado - Now in stock we have:

JR Lamb Spaghetti - Hypoallergenic and low in fat, the ultimate dog spaghetti.

JR Pure Ostrich Sticks - Just human grade air dried Ostrich in stick form.

JR Pure Beef Coins - A highly palatable treat suitable for all breeds and puppies over 12 weeks.

JR Dark Buffalo Skin - A long lasting and low odour chew that's full of protein.

And 64 days before needed:

JR Pure Meat & Pure Ostrich Advent Calendars


We're always exited to expand our natural treats range, and we love JR products. Let us know what you'd like us to stock, or any other recommendations for natural treats. We love hearing from you - so pop along to our Facebook for cute pictures of pets, and daily updates!

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